What is walking tennis?

Rebecca WeareActivities, Dementia Action Week

Walking tennis is fun!  The Kingsbridge Park Community Tennis group held a walking tennis session during Dementia Action Week and we went along to find out what it is all about.

The tennis is good fun and inclusive, the rules are easy (make them up as you go along!), double bounces are allowed, and because it is played on a small court, with small rackets and slow balls you don’t have to run (that’s not allowed) and should be able to reach the ball by just taking a step.

Brian (in his 80s) arrived using his walking stick but had no problem joining in.

Fiona Murphy from Double Bounce hosted the session.  The Kingsbridge Park Community Tennis group hope to put on a regular session and we will do what we can to help get this fantastic and inclusive activity off the ground.  If you fancy having a go let us know!