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Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends Information Sessions

Dementia Friends is a social action initiative that aims to raise awareness of dementia.  Rebecca Weare and Beccy Bristow are Dementia Friends Champions which means that they have received training from the Alzheimer’s Society to hold Dementia Friends Information Sessions. 

Anyone that attends a Dementia Friends Information Session learns the Dementia Friends five key messages and is invited to become a Dementia Friend by agreeing to take action to raise awareness of dementia. 

The sessions can be tailored to your group and we have held sessions for businesses, children’s organisations (Beavers, Brownies and Guides), schools and voluntary groups.  Each session lasts for between 45 minutes and an hour.  There is no charge to hold a session for your group or organisation. 

If you are involved with a business, club or any sort of organisation based within Kingsbridge, Salcombe or the surrounding areas we would love to work with you to raise awareness of dementia.  We would be happy to attend one of your meetings or events or work with you to hold a dementia friends information session, please contact us for more details.

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Costa Coffee

We held a dementia friends information session for the staff at Costa Coffee, Kingsbridge. 


Costa have supported the group by providing prizes for competitions.

Fusion – Quayside Leisure

We held a dementia friends information session for staff at Fusion Quayside Leisure.


Start Point Law – dementia friends champions

Rebecca Weare and Rebecca Bristow are trustees of the Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community and are both Dementia Friends Champions.

Clubs & Organisations

Kingsbridge and Saltstone Caring

We held a dementia friends information session for the staff who work in the office at Kingsbridge & Saltstone Caring.


Citizens Advice Bureau South Hams



We were invited to join the Beavers, we held a Dementia Friends session and they learnt about how dementia breaks connections in our brain.



The Brownies all entered our art competition and then took part in our Dementia Friends session.  They had some fantastic ideas of actions they would take to help people with dementia.


The Guides held a Dementia Friends session to learn about dementia, the dementia friends five key messages and how to help people with dementia to live well.



Kingsbridge Community College

Members of the Kingsbridge Dementia Friendly Community have been working with Kingsbridge Community College.  We have held two dementia friends sessions for classes of Year 9 students during their graphic design lessons.

The students designed our group logo.

Community Matters April 2018

We had a stand at the Community Matters event in the Market Hall in Kingsbridge in April.

Children’s Art Competition April 2018

We held an art competition and invited children in Key Stage 1 and 2 to design a bright and colourful picture that represented their community, people, places and animals.  The winners were announced in the Gazette on 4 May.


Kingsbridge & Saltstone Volunteers evening January 2018

We spoke at an evening event organised by Kingsbridge & Saltstone Caring for their volunteers.  They also invited Maxine who is the Dementia Co-ordinator for the Yealm Dementia Action Alliance and Dr Mottram who is organising a social prescribing pilot scheme in our area.


Tesco foyer August 2017

We had a stand in the foyer at Tesco to raise awareness and distribute our questionnaire.


Kingsbridge Fair Week July 2017

We had a stand in Town Square during Kingsbridge Fair Week Charities morning.


Dementia Awareness Week May 2017

We joined up with St Lukes Hospice to have a stand on the Band Stand.