Keeping Active

Scot BastonPodcasts

Being active is important for us all, with benefits for both the mind and body, but for those who may have dementia, keeping active can be a challenge. Janica talks to us about a range of activities designed specifically for those of us who may need that little extra support and we hear how sports and leisure organisations such Fusion … Read More

Being a Dementia Friendly Business

Scot BastonPodcasts

Join Katharine Harrod as she explains how the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Chamber of Commerce actively encourages all businesses to become Dementia Friendly and how easily accessed and simple training benefits the staff, customers, community and the bottom line. “People don’t repeat bad experiences, they only repeat the good ones.”

Rural Communities

Scot BastonPodcasts

Join Ian Sherriff as he talks about his work in dementia care and research which has been recognised with the award of a British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. We hear how dementia programmes in the UK’s rural communities tie in with global trends and how being part of a Dementia Friendly Community has widespread benefits for … Read More

The Church and Community

Rebecca WearePodcasts

The church provides a vital link to our more remote and rural communities and through hosting a short dementia awareness session the church can reach out further, acting as a catalyst that brings a deeper understanding to people from all walks of life.

Derriford Hospital

Scot BastonPodcasts

Karen Girmshaw, Consultant Nurse for Older People talks to us about the Dementia Awareness Training Programme at Derriford Hospital, the positive impact that this has had on patients and carers and how we can also help when planning a visit. As Karen says: “People come to hospital with their dementia, often not because of their dementia.” 

The Herbert Protocol

Scot BastonPodcasts

Richard Loxton, Lost Person Search Manager at Devon & Cornwall Police explains that it’s not uncommon for people who have dementia to go missing, but there are some steps that we can all take to reduce the likelihood of this. We also hear how the Herbert Protocol can be used as an effective tool to aid search, should a vulnerable … Read More

Staying Connected

Scot BastonPodcasts

People with dementia and those who provide care often have many questions; we could all do with some help from time to time. Anne looks after her parents while also caring for others as part of her work in the community and in this podcast we learn about the importance of staying connected and how we can achieve this through … Read More

Keeping Children Informed

Scot BastonPodcasts

We’re all likely to know someone who has dementia, so it’s important that we have access to information that helps us understand more about the condition and children are as much part of the picture as everyone else. In this podcast Juliette talks to us about caring for her mother, the involvement of her children and how this has shaped … Read More

Becoming Dementia Friendly

Scot BastonPodcasts

What does it mean to be Dementia Friendly and how is this achieved? John explains how training is easy to access and how small changes in what you do can make a big difference for those living with dementia. We are all in this together: shops, hospitals, schools and businesses alike… we can all make changes that work for us … Read More